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Unraid Server Pro Keygen 62 ##VERIFIED##

The ultimate test of unRAID compatibility with any motherboard is to just try it. If you are already using the motherboard in another computer or server, you can test it for unRAID compatibility without breaking your current setup. Here's how:

Unraid Server Pro Keygen 62

What makes a motherboard suitable for unRAID?There are many factors that can affect a motherboard's suitability for use in an unRAID server. Here are the primary factors, in order of importance:

The unRAID server software boots from a USB flash drive, 128MB or larger. If you plan on enhancing your unRAID server with addons, then 512MB or larger is recommended. If you think you may want to build your own custom Linux kernel, then 1GB or larger is recommended.

The 'device' line should be the IP of the UPS plus the username and passphrase all separated by colons. If you changed the port from the default 3052 it should added to the device line with a colon (ex: ups ip:username:passphrase:port) Default username and passphrase are not the same as the web login. Apcupsd manual shows defaults to be 'apc' and the default passphrase is 'admin user phrase', don't know how accurate it is. You can change it using the web interface to the management card. Need to decide what you intent to use: Ethernet, USB, or Serial, can't do all them all. If you choose Ethernet, unplug the USB and serial cables. Set 'UPS cable: Ether' and 'UPS type: SNMP' or can try 'PCnet'. You may need to add the IP of your unRAID server (or whatever you are using apcupsd on) as a client to the management card using the web interface.

I'm afraid you are working outside the normal setup that most of us are used to seeing. Typically apcupsd communicates over serial or usb to the UPS. That "master" instance of apcupsd then transmits over port 3551 to any "slave" instances of apcupsd that you want to use the same power event notifications. I personally use that configuration quite successfully, with multiple different OS installations of apcupsd listening to the master that is transmitting from my unraid server connected via USB.

I've never seen anyone successfully communicate directly to a network enabled APC UPS using apcupsd. I'm not saying it isn't possible, just that I've never seen it done with unraid's apcupsd implementation.

You may be able to figure out the correct syntax to use for the ini file, which you can then either apply to unraid's template, or possibly manually insert it if the ini field you need isn't called out in the unraid setup.

Thanks... I think I've come to that conclusion too... hence I have just connected my UPS and Unraid server via a USB cable... Sounds like that Network Management Card was a stupid and expensive mistake, as I naively thought it would make life easier to connect over a network rather than serial/usb ports....

I have an older Smart UPS 1000 UPS connected to one of my unraid server via USB cable, here is a screen shot of my settings, maybe they will work for you. Its possible in trying to get your network card to work you changed a lot of default settings.

Since it's just a front end for apcupsd, unraid doesn't really do anything except provide presets for common configurations. If it's supported in apcupsd, it'll work in unraid. You may have to do a little under the hood tweaking if it's not a common setup and thus supported in the presets.

@Cessquill Just in case you do pick up an Ironwolf Pro from Scan, here's the info from the drive - had hoped to add it to the server earlier, but an unexpected parity sync meant it had to wait. Just running preclear on it now to make sure it's a goodun.

I had the same issue after following the directions in this thread and rebooting my Unraid server. However, I found after a full power down and cold boot of my server, the issue appears to be resolved. I'm thinking my HDDs didn't actually apply the firmware changes until the system was fully powered off & back on. I haven't had an error in 2 months, where previously they'd occur within a couple of days.


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