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Teen Girls Group (Thurs)

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-addsbooksksriptide Ukulele Chords Pdf Download [WORK]

Someone to Lava is a song featured in the animated video Lava by Pixar animation studios. The song was released as a digital single in 2015. Someone to Lava ukulele chords and a free PDF download are provided below.

-addsbooksksriptide ukulele chords pdf download

Learn ukulele chord fingerings with this clean, minimal printout! Fingering suggestions for major, minor, major 6, dominant 7, major 7, diminished, augmented and sus chords. Perfect to print and keep as a reference or for a classroom handout.

TO DOWNLOAD: the chord chart is free. :) just enter 0, click the I Want This button, and enter your email address to download. if you have the means and would like to support my mission of spreading more ukulele joy, check out to make a donation, download my original music, or join my online ukulele community through Patreon - thank you!)

Use this free printable sheet of blank chord charts to fill out your own ukulele chords. These downloadable pdfs are great for beginning and advanced guitarists for remembering and writing chord positions.


Description: This is a therapy group for girls ages 15-17 t...
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