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Merge Monster: A New and Exciting Way to Play with Monsters

When new monsters are released in Battle Camp, typically the newest generation is stronger than the last. The older monsters become weaker and less valuable. Added in April 2017, this feature allows players to upgrade those old monsters with the stats of a newer monster.

  • Both monsters must be maxed

  • Crystals do not need to be maxed

  • Monsters must be of the same rarity and evolution

  • There is no limit to the number of times a monster can be merged

  • The merging feature can only be used once per day

  • It costs crystals and stones

  • Merging is done on the Pennypop Support page.

  • Merged monsters are tradable

  • Event monsters can be merged with non-event monsters

  • A non evolved or 1st evolution monster that does not sevo can be the Bonus Monster for your Actual Monster

merge monster

The reason it is suggested to merge monster when they are at their highest evolution is to save on resources. Non-evolved, first evolved, and second evolved monsters all cost the same amount. Rarity is the only factor. Taking 4 supers that second evolve and merging them with 4 other supers individually would cost 16 super crystals and 200k stones. Using a sevo monster as your Bonus Monster for your sevoed Actual Monster would only cost 4 super crystals and 50k stones.

That's right, with merging non-perfect mobs can have their base stats replaced, therefor they are now fixable! In fact, they can even be better than they were before. Think of it this way; the monster you choose as your Actual Monster to merge will have it's stats and zodiac completely erased. The Bonus Monster will rewrite these with it's own stats, zodiac, and R-Boost points if higher than Actual Monster's.

If a monster is merged, it must still be evolved with the same type of feeder. That monster does not have to be merged, but the bonus stats will be less than a pure merge. If two of the same monster are merged with different monsters, they can still be evolved. Merged monsters will still carry over a bonus, but it will be reduced by evolving with non merged monsters. The previous theory was that after a merged monster was evolved with a non merged monster, it would result in a 50/50 split. Recently tested by myself, this is not the case. I merged a taillight for my PvP team, so I was doing it simply for the zodiac change and did not intend to merge any of the other parts going into evolutions of this monster. What I found when I evolved the merged taillight with a regular one was very interesting. Let's take a look at the stats of these monsters in the BCRank Catalog.

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When this merged Taillight is evolved with a regular Taillight, one might expect the stats to split 50/50 as if a Taillight was being evolved with a Technicaller and the result would be in the middle of a Smashlight and a Techniconqueror. However, this is not the case.

The resulting health is actually 20,406. I am actually pretty happy with this because it is 187 more health than I expected. Where did that number come from though? After some playing around with the numbers, I figured it out. I have no clue why it is done this way but this is how it is done for a first evolution where one of the monsters is merged and the other is not. The Actual Monster only counts for 1/6 of the stats in the evolution while the Bonus Monster carries over 5/6 of the stats! I shall demonstrate with the HP and show the equation I have figured out.

At this time, I am currently working out the details of how mixed merges with sevos are calculated in addition to when feeders are both merged with different monsters for the first evolution. For now, I can at least provide this calculator for first evolutions so that you know what to expect if you only merge one of the two monsters you will be evolving. Enter in the stats for the evolved versions of the monsters found in the BCRank Catalog.

When it was announced last month that Monster Beverage was acquiring the CANarchy Craft Collective for $330 million, most thought that that meant that their possible merger with Constellation Brands was off the table. Well, it appears that the two companies are still in talks and that a potential deal may be announced in the next few weeks. First reported by Bloomberg, that news sent the American alcohol world abuzz with speculation about what the proposed agreement may look like and what impacts it may have overall.

All of this is also playing out on a landscape that just recently received a Treasury Department report that decried the continuing trend of acquisitions in the alcohol space and loss of competition between players. Any merger of this size would have to undergo government scrutiny and win approval.

After starting the event, the player has 48 hours to complete as many levels as possible - mission rewards are stored in the "My rewards" queue until the party timer runs out. Then the rewards get transferred to the player's stats (coins, monster tokens, XP) and after a 2-day cooldown, the player can replay it. The collected monster tokens can then be used to upgrade the monster house:

To turn corpses into zombies, the players' have to use the plasma orbs (which is merge outcome from electricity items). Then the zombie generates another zombie before the original zombie dies. This goes on six times in total.

Yes, Blumhouse and Atomic Monster -- founded by Jason Blum and James Wan, respectively -- may merge into a single entity with some specific stipulations. The two will remain as separate creative entities, with Wan's Atomic Monster being given the same first-look deal as Blumhouse from Universal Pictures, in addition to a handful of other benefits. News of the merger comes shortly after positive reception for the upcoming film M3GAN, a project initially pitched by Wan to Blumhouse after a rejection by Warner Bros. Should M3GAN become a smash hit at the box office, horror fans have much to look forward to as the two production companies continue to collaborate.

Per Variety, Jason Blum himself spoke about the upcoming merger with fervent positivity, discussing the potential benefits that it would bring to both companies. One of those benefits would be an increased output of quality films. When referring to his previous work with Wan, Blum had this to say:

Horror fans have much to look forward to should the Atomic Monster and Blumhouse merger go through. Even without considering the potential films that could be made, the partnership between Blum and Wan has been proven to work in the past. Tying the two's resources together should, hopefully, amount to some fantastic horror titles being released in the coming years.

Sometimes, we have a few explores already created and then realize that we want to merge them together. Thankfully, we can follow this hack and get the merge results quickly, without having to recreate the explores in the merge modal.

Also following the merger, Atomic Monster would gain a first-look deal with Universal, which Blumhouse has currently. Universal recently released Halloween Ends for Blumhouse and is also distributing M3GAN, a film that Wan and Blum teamed up on about an overprotective AI doll that goes on a bloody rampage to keep its child owner safe.

Merge Monster - Scary Garten is a merge game full of creativity and fun. In this exciting monster world, players will experience a distinctive monster collection and upgrade system to create their own powerful monster army. The game features a wide variety of monster types, including leaders such as Opilan Bird, Bambam and Jumbo, all of which have unique special skills and attributes.In the game, players need to merge monsters of the same type in order to create more powerful monsters and thus enhance their armies. Each monster has its own level and attributes, and players need to choose the merged monsters carefully to ensure that their armies have an advantage in battle. In addition, players can also acquire new monsters and props by completing challenges and quests in the game to improve their merging abilities and combat power.In Merge Monsters - Garden of Terror, players will explore a vibrant and fun world of monsters including different scenarios and environments such as forests, deserts and cities. Players can collect monsters and resources on different maps while challenging other players to become the master of collaboration in the monster world.The game's cute and vivid monster design, combined with the simple and intuitive game mechanics, make Merge Monsters - Garden of Horrors a popular casual game. Not only does it allow players to experience the fun of creating their own monster world, it also allows them to explore and challenge this imaginative world of monsters with other players.


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