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What Is The Best Cargo Van To Buy !!BETTER!!

In this guide, we provide an overview of the best work vans for businesses, the kind of gas mileage you can expect, the amount of space in the cargo area, payload capacities, powertrains and even resale values. We'll guide you through the benefits of investing in a work van and what industries should consider adding a cargo van into their lineup.

what is the best cargo van to buy

The Sprinter comes in three different body lengths and two different roof heights. Normally only available in diesel, it is now also available with a gas engine. Another popular new option is the 4x4 Sprinter, built for off-road conditions. With top-of-the-line features and ample cargo space, the Sprinter is well worth the price.

The RAM ProMaster City cargo van offers among the best MPG, so it's an ideal van for fuel economy if your business requires you to travel over a large area. You can also outfit it with special features like GPS navigation, Bluetooth and Internet connectivity, as well as a rear-view camera.

The cargo space in the Ford Transit van is one of its best features, which is probably one of the reasons it remains the best-selling commercial van in the United States. When you purchase a high roof option, an individual as tall as 6' 5" can stand up in the cargo space. Starting in 2021, it is also now available with factory all wheel drive - perfect for companies that can't stop working when the snow starts falling. Ford says you can create nearly 60 different configurations of the Transit van.

Smaller vans like the Ford Transit Connect have been popular in Europe for many years. The impressive mileage of the Transit Connect makes it an optimal choice for businesses that cover a vast area. You can choose between swing-out rear cargo doors that provide 180 degrees of clearance or a rear liftgate. You can also select a variety of advanced convenience and safety features, such as Ford MyKey, which allows owners or administrators to preset speed or audio volumes. An alarm goes off when a driver exceeds these limits.

The price range of any vehicle will depend on the configuration you choose and the added features you desire. But to help you determine the best prices for work vans, here are the 2021-2022 starting manufacturer suggested retail prices, without any options in each category.

The prominence of gas mileage can go one way or the other in the mind of an owner or fleet operator. No one wants to get bad gas mileage, but it might be secondary to having more cargo space or the ability to tow a larger object. The industry you work in and your business location will also be critical factors when it comes down to deciding how heavily to weigh a vehicle's gas mileage stats.

When you're buying a van for your business, you need to know how much workspace you're going to have for cargo and tools. All the work vans we previewed above offer cargo space of differing sizes. Here's a rundown of the vans that offer the most room in large and compact categories.

The Transit Connect has several features owners of small businesses will love. It has lots of cargo space for a compact van, but also drives and has fuel economy like an ordinary car. The various features and additional cargo space make the Ford Transit Connect an excellent business expenditure but the fuel economy is really what drives it home. This van is suitable for businesses that travel great distances to serve their customers, making it a vehicle that has seen strong resale values.

Of course, these aren't the only factors to consider when looking for a work van. It will also help to consider what will work best for your business, whether that's a large van or something more compact. Here are some other points to note in your cargo van comparison.

There is a good reason why the Transit far outsells every other van. It is designed from the ground up for commercial use. The interior is functional, and the adjustable steering column and driver's seat can help you get comfortable, even if you're on the taller side. The highest roof option on the 2022 model offers almost six feet of cargo height.

The ProMaster has the best turning radius of any model and a wide selection of configuration options. It also has a low load floor thanks to its front wheel drive. You can choose from two roof heights and three wheelbase lengths. It has huge side mirrors, but not everyone is a fan of its European design.

Small businesses across the country rely on this popular van. It has the same chassis as Fiat's Diablo, lots of cargo capacity for a compact vehicle and impressive fuel economy. The 2022 RAM ProMaster City boasts upgraded transmissions and technology, such as the new nine-speed automatic.

So which is the best van to buy? That is, of course, a personal decision that depends on your business needs. What one buyer may love, another small business owner may hate. When you're choosing a cargo van, you need to take many different factors into the equation, complicating your decision.

This van is expensive but very well-designed and put together. If you're looking for an excellent large cargo van that also offers low gas mileage, reliability and exceptional resale value, the Sprinter is the vehicle for you.

Though lacking the overall package of the Sprinter, this workhorse also offers a lower starting price, many more Ford dealerships for needed repairs, lots of cargo space and decent fuel mileage. It has lots of standing room in the cargo area and configurations that make a substantial payload possible.

Anyone who owns a business, particularly a small business, has probably wondered about the wisdom of buying a van. There are many questions: Which van should I buy? Do I buy a van based on cargo space or gas mileage? What about reliability? Most importantly, what about the cost? Can I afford a van?

Choosing a van with a short wheelbase will also make it easier to park. In urban locations where parking space is limited, this is a huge benefit. Some of the best vans with a shorter wheelbase include the Ford Transit 130" WB MR, the ProMaster 136" LR and the Savana/Express with a standard wheelbase.

Slightly larger than a minivan, the Metris offers you a choice of a rear door with either a tailgate or a pair of barn doors to access any cargo. Even when outfitted to haul passengers, the Metris passenger van still has 38 cubic feet of room to put luggage behind its last row. While getting good gas mileage, the Metris also can handle a larger payload.

While it is probably not the vehicle to choose if you want to transport passengers or employees, the Transit Connect has been popular in Europe for decades. The rear cargo doors provide 180 degrees of clearance.

As an owner, you can include features like Ford MyKey that allow you to preset audio volumes or van speeds. When a driver exceeds these preset values, an alarm will sound. The Transit Connect doesn't offer a lot of cargo space for a smaller van but provides the kind of fuel savings you can find in a regular car. It also has a high resale value.

Mercedes once only offered diesel but now makes all models available with gas engines. It has 265 lb.-ft. of torque. You might pay more for a Mercedes Sprinter, but it is the most reliable cargo van, and it will spend far less time in the shop than other models might.

Reliability also depends on several factors, including the model, how you drive it and whether you have invested in paneling that protects it from scratches and dents. As we noted above, the Mercedes Sprinter is the highest-price van but spends less time in the shop than many other vans. The RAM ProMaster, on the other hand, has a history of reliability issues and mechanical problems that can sometimes undermine its cargo capacity and price.

Almost every small business can benefit from the purchase of one of the top-rated cargo vans on this list, but there are several for whom a van is specifically ideal. For example, cargo vans for locksmiths help them serve the needs of customers all over town, while delivery vans for florists can help them brighten every recipient's day. Let's look at some other industries that benefit from having vans.

A well-outfitted van means a plumber will be able to get the job done faster and more reliably. You'll have all of your tools and equipment on hand, no matter the circumstance. That means more jobs done in a day and more positive word of mouth, all of which will improve the bottom line of your business. Whether you run an individual plumbing service or you operate a larger business, the best cargo vans for plumbers can have an enormous impact on your bottom line.

Technicians who work on fixing or installing air conditioning and heating systems need a van that can carry the many parts required to replace worn-out or broken equipment, as well as larger pieces of equipment needed for installations. When you take time to outfit it appropriately to ensure everything is where it should be and there's a place for everything, the best work vans for HVAC can make your employees a star in their customers' eyes.

A long wheelbase and a higher roof give you more room in the back for all of your deliveries. Some of the best models for this include Sprinter 170" WB EXT, Transit 148" WB EXT and the ProMaster 159" EXT.

A van will help you transport the materials you need, when you need them. An adequately outfitted van with racks on the tops and sides will help you transport as many ladders as you need to get the job done. A van with the appropriate cargo space means you can transport all the other materials you might need, such as drywall, paint and floor and furniture coverings.

The best cargo van for your small business is a personal choice. It also depends upon the industry in which you work. The right van for an HVAC technician might not work as well for a plumber or a delivery person. The same is true for cargo van equipment. At Advantage Outfitters, we can help you compare work vans, determine which one may be right for you and get it equipped with all the organizers you need. 041b061a72


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