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Little Space Heroes !!TOP!!

Looking for virtual world games for tweens? Space Heroes Universe is one of the most fun virtual worlds for kids. Space Heroes Universe is not just an online virtual worlds for kids - it's an entire virtual universe! An action-packed intergalactic adventure full of fun, friendship and discovery, Space Heroes Universe leads multi-award winning free games for kids on computer. In the virtual worlds for kids free players can start on the heroes homeworld and explore all virtual world games in our galaxy. Complete missions, make new friends and find out why Space Heroes Universe is amongst the best free kid virtual worlds.

Little Space Heroes

Parents need to know that Little Space Heroes is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) adventure game that was created for kids 6 - 12; but younger kids can certainly play the game with a little help from parents or older siblings. The game is attractive with colorful cartoon graphics and upbeat music. It is filled with mini-games and other interactive activities tied around a story about rescuing small creatures in need.

The background story presented in LITTLE SPACE HEROES is that the friendly small creatures known as \"Glows\" have been kidnapped by Lord Shadowbot and Space Heroes are needed to help rescue them. The story is a device to get players to explore the world, learning to use a jet pack and bubble shooter, and navigate a space ship. The game sends kids out into this virtual world set in space to discover fun mini-games and other interactive experiences.

LITTLE SPACE HEROES is a fun online game because it presents a colorful space-age world that is easy to navigate. By exploring the scenery, kids will find many built-in games. Clicking on a game console, a cutting board in a kitchen, or a rocket launch pad all lead to mini-games. Kids can personalize their gaming experience by choosing to be a girl, a boy, or an alien; and then participate in the usual activities found in a virtual world, such as playing mini-games to earn coins, decorating their houses, buying pets and clothing, and chatting using safe-chat or filtered chat. The game does a good job with keeping kids safe because it has 24/7 moderation and an easy method of reporting any abuse.

There is a story to follow in Little Space Heroes. You start out as a space cadet and the game guides you through building up your character to ready you for space. Whether you follow the story is up to you. Soon after, the outer reaches of the galaxy becomes your oyster! What a strange saying that is!

It is... but let's get back to the review shall we.... some of the activities in Little Space Heroes just arent that much fun. I like flying around in Star Jets and meeting friends but even the youngest of gamers will find some of the games a little too simple. Moving the mouse left to right to collect gems, or pressing the spacebar gets old and you have to do some of them hundreds and hundreds of times to earn a badge! I also prefer the buzz of Moshi Monsters and Club Penguin a little more.

Some of the games took me back though. There was one which was a little like Super Bust a Move, another similar to Asteroids. Theyre not exactly the same but theyre classics and it was fun having a taste of them again.

I did like that as well, Hex. But I just think it could be a little more complex. Even the character creation could have so easily been more interesting. Its a game set in space. I want more weird creatures! Even robots for that matter!

Space Heroes Universe is all about adventure, discovery and friendship. Children are encouraged to work together as they go on quests, play mini-games and solve mysteries. Learning the art of team-play and sharing, socializing and communicating are cornerstone elements of Space Heroes Universe. We encourage good behavior and inspire kids to be the best heroes they can by way of the Space Hero Code.

Unlike other virtual worlds for kids, Space Heroes Universe has an over-arching story about the Space Hero Academy and the heroes it trains to defeat the villain Lord Shadowbot. Gray says the studio has looked to a lot of cartoons that have succeeded on the merit on their characters and story to figure out how to bring out the best of the game's characters in a cartoon. They've looked at everything from Scooby-Doo to Thundercats to He-Man through to Ben 10 and Sponge Bob Square Pants. Gray says it's important that they look to cartoons that are standout examples of storytelling just for the sake of storytelling, rather than storytelling for the purpose of selling a product.

After Doraemon made himself their show's producer (with a robot gadget called a "Burger Director" being their supervisor), the gang unexpectedly encounters Aron, an alien from Planet Pokkoru, who mistook their filming antics to be real superheroics and asking them for help. As luck would have it, the whole gang - still under the impression they're filming a movie - ends up traveling to space alongside Aron, where they battle hostile alien bounty hunters and realize they're Planet Pokkoru's last hope.

Our goal with Game Hopper is to inform our readers about games that generally fly under the radar but are worth the time to investigate. One of said games is Little Space Heroes from Bubble Gum Interactive, a game for some of the fledgling MMOers in the game-iverse. Check out our Game Hopper preview for Little Space Heroes and then take your budding astronaut into space.

Lately I've been checking out Little Space Heroes FREE! Pretty coolz!Here is my sweet Player Card. Hehe.As you can tell, in Little Space Heroes you get to be an alien!To get started with you can do some quests and missions. You soon get your free jetpack, bubble blaster and even a Starjet spaceship! Then you can explore different planets - the Jungle planet is pretty cool and the Crystal planet is the homeworld of the magical Glows. You can even adopt a magical Glow for your own hero!Here are some of the places I've been checking out.Here is the map.Check out all the costume options!Here is where you begin your missions and adventures!Oh! What could it look like inside the Jetpack Training School?!Then you can fly around once you earn your JetPack!You can also buy a Space Shuttle and fly all around to different planets!You can even rock out on stage in a band!Check out Little Space Heroes in action in the video.Thinking about having a party soon and I might just have to have it on Little Space Heroes. ;-]So before someone takes your fav username...Click here to go there now and get registered!- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

Space Heroes Universe! (Known as Little Space Heroes) was a Virtual World, Browser-based and Massively Multiplayer Online game developed and published by Bubble Gum Interactive for Kids. The game was set in the science-fiction world with space setting populated with hundreds of other players around the world. The player was able to create his unique look using different accessories, clothes, and items and explore the game world to interact with friends, meet new peoples and play mini-games. He can join the academy to learn how to use Jetpack, Bubble Blaster, and Starjet. The main antagonist of the game was Lord Shadowbot, who is an evil robot and the mastermind behind all his unholy plans. The ultimate task is to navigate the galaxy, find rare items, and fend off antagonist by destroying the land. Complete a series of tasks to earn XP points and use them to unlock further content in the game. Space Heroes Universe! was the best game to play and enjoy.

OurWorld is a great Online Virtual World and a social MMORPG Simulation developed by Flow Play for Teens and Tweens who like playing community based games. The game has a large player base and offers a browser based game-play in which you can represent yourself as an online avatar. OurWorld provides with tons of avatar customization options so you get a really good chance to express yourself via your avatar and that helps making friends with common interests, likes and dislikes. This amazing game makes you spend a great amount of your time playing different addictive games and earn experience points and in-game currency. The game currency can be used to buy upgrades to your living spaces, appearance and to buy other things you like. You can also trade your currency for game experience points that help you go up the game levels and unlock more great things. Because of being a great social portal, OurWorld allows you to get in contact with other players, make friends with them, send gifts, take part in different contests and enjoy every second of the time you spend in the game world. OurWorld is one of the best Online Virtual World Simulations and it will definitely be a great online and community based game-play experience for you.

SuperSecret is a wonderful Online Browser-based MMO and RPG Virtual World Simulation for all the hardcore lovers of this specific genre. The game offers an addictive and quite engaging game-play in which it offers a massive amount of hidden items/objects and a lot of mysteries to solve. Specifically designed for teens and Tweens, SuperSecret offers a great combination of Social and virtual world Simulation elements and allows you to immerse yourself good with the classic game-play and enjoy your time while exploring the game world. SuperSecret features great 3D visuals and allows you to traverse through different locations, collect items to upgrade your player character, hang out with like-minded people, make new friends and engage yourselves into a lot of great and fun filled activities together. If you are a fashion lover, SuperSecret lets you shop for new dresses, accessories and gadgets and beautify your player character just the way you like it to be and impress your friends. Building and decorating your own living space is the fun part of the game, it allows you to buy accessories for your apartment and decorate it good. Petting animals, making their shelters and stylizing them with all the cool things available is another cool thing to do in the game. Other features include partying, playing different games with friends and chatting online to enjoy this game to the limits. With a great setting, beautiful 3D visuals and a marvelously immersive game-play, SuperSecret is a wonderful game to play and enjoy.


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