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Download ((TOP)) Flipbook For Mac

Flipbook is an online interactive content format for presenting print documents into a classy and adorable content in the eyes of the digital readers. Here we list 5 best flipbook software for Mac users to create the stunning flipbooks. > Part 1: 5 Leading Flipbook Software for Mac Users > Part 2: The Eye-catching Flipbook Designed by FlipHTML5

Download Flipbook For Mac

FlipBuilder provides this flipbook software to transform original PDF files into stunning and beautiful digital flipbooks with amazing flip over animations. Flip PDF for Mac has series of template and themes embedded in it making it one of the best flipbook software for Mac users. If you upgrade it to the professional version, you have the ability to import a PDF file into the page edit interface, add video, flash, image gallery, links to create a vivid animated page flip book and accomplish the impressive reading experience to your site visitors.

Mobissue is the flipbook software for mobile that helps to create the interactive and engaging mobile reading experience. It provides the free Mac version for the users to download so that they can fast make HTML5-based mobile flipbook from PDF. For the mobile marketers, it is the best tool to bring your content to life on phone and tablets.

FlipBook Creator for Mac aims to create interactive 3D page turning publications in clicks on Mac OSX. It has the ready-to-use predesigned templates for you to make the flipbook. Also, you are in control of the whole reading interfaces from the background to button settings.

These are undoubtedly the 5 best flipbook software for Mac users in the year 2017, whichever one you choose will surely give you good value for your money considering the dozens of features attached to each of the flipbook.

FlipHTML5 is powerfulflipping book software for mac to help users publish eBooks online & offline. Based on HTML5 technology, the created flipbooks are available on PC, PAD, mobile phones and other devices. Meanwhile, it is built with CSS3 and jQuery technology, helping you create world-class flipping books to engage your customers with stunning visual experience.

As a good businessman, not only should you be familiar with your products and confident in your services, but also you should learn more about your customers.Creating a Google Analytics ID for your online flipping book, for one thing, you can easily get the information that how many people have read your book, how many people have downloaded your book and so on. For another, you are able to make some adjustments according to the feedback of your visitors.

Flipbook Maker for Mac is a powerful program can be run on Mac OS to convert common PDF documents to flip digital brochure, e-catalog, e-magazine, e-book with fantastic Flash page-flipping effect. With this Mac software, you can easily make Flash page flipping books from PDF and publish your PDF content to Flash online, offline or put it on CD/DVD, USB drive, iPad/ iPhone, and Android.Key features:1. Convert single or multiple PDF files to page-flipping book.2. Define page range to convert.3. Different output formats: HTML, Mac App, EXE, Zip, SWF, Mobile Version and Burn to CD.4. Built-in templates for quick use.5. Add logo and do some setting for it.6. Define magazine margin size and shadow easily.7. Set background color, image or background sound.8. Create Right to Left flipbook, hard page flipbook, landscape flipbook and opened flipbook.9. Mini mode enabled to show page-flipping eBooks without toolbar.10. Build-in Google Analytics integrate support.11. Customize toolbar buttons to set permissions for downloading, printing, sharing, bookmarks, search, table of contents and other buttons.12. Add and modify table of contents or bookmarks.13. Set zoom in scale.

Within very litter time, users can use Anyflip to turn their static PDF files into animated page flipping books. This enables you to quickly create a flipbook with realistic page turning effect. It confronts viewers with an entirely new sensory digital experience.

Flipbook Maker Anyflip owns a powerful page editor, which enables you to insert whatever multimedia your flipbook needs, like text, image, music, video, YouTube & Vimeo video and so on. All this projects work well on customizing the flipping book pages.

A wide selection of Anyflip Flash flip book outputs offers you to easily publish your flipbook in multiple ways. Anyflip supports html, zip, app, exe output flipbook format, which is best for viewers to view HTML5 flipbook on any devices.

Flip PDF Mac can output the flipbook project on both HTML5 formats to suit different devices automatically. Design and publish your eBooks seamlessly across tablets, mobile phones, desktop,and Web channels without a line of code. The software offers publishers streamlined digital magazine and catalog capabilities instantly across the most popular platforms.

If you want to know how many visitors read your flipbook, where they come from, and how long they stay on your content, enable Google Analytics feature and insert your GA ID directly to online flipbooks usingFlip PDF For Mac. After connecting your publication with GA, you are able track your flipbook's performance(traffic, page views, duration, bounce rate) and optimize your content strategy.

Customize your flipbook tool bar with your company logo or website icon, get exposure for your brand and make sure it is widely recognizable to your target audiences. This feature allows you to deliver yourcompany's branding information to your clients as they are viewing your publications.

While using Flip PDF For Mac, you can edit language to show your book tips, allow users to download your created page flipping booklets, view your eBook in Full Screen mode, share the booksin Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo and more. You can also disable these functions to prevent sharing content.

Get started with pre-designed templates and thmes, you can design your flipbook with built-in template, theme, background, animated scene, assistant, plugin, bookmark & bookmark tabs. You can customized the toolbarand add clickable logo to your publication too.

Publish digital publications as HTML, ZIP and EXE formats and easily send them to your readers via Email. It's also possible publish a flipbook as WordPress plugin or Joomla module that can be embedded in web page.

Easily make a flipbook and instantly publish it to the online in a convenient way. No need to use any third party tool. Easily manage the uploaded flipbooks on the FlippageMaker Online server. Share the flipbooks by sending the URLs to others.

FlipBook Crearor for Mac are compatible with all the latest version of browsers, including Safari, IE9, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera. Therefore, after you share your HTML5 flipbook on the Internet, you can use iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, Android devices like Samsung mobile phones, Samsung tablets, HTC mobile phones, Windows mobile phones and Google Nexus series to view your HTML5 flipbook.

Set flip book background color: Specify solid color and/or favorite image as flash background instead of the default settings You can also set Permissions for downloading, printing and sharing. And, you can utilize Copyright Settings to define flip book titles, keywords and other metadata.

Plug-ins can extend Wordpress to do many things you can think of. FlipBook Creator provides a flipbook plug-in output options for users. Compared with embedding the code, installing the flipbook plug-in and embed into WordPress, Joomla and Drupal website has never been so easier.

Due to the HTML5 technology, flipbook creator allows users to view the page turning publication on iPad to have a wonderful reading experience. Furthermore, users can select flip mode or slide mode to view flip book and zoom in without blur with the page flip software.

Flipbook creator allows users to select a proper mode between single and double page mode to browse page flip book. Furthermore, it always displays double page as default actually. By the way, users are able to change the mode while you are customizing the flipbook settings.

There are multiple pre-designed Templates and themes Online you can download to use in Flip programs, and dozens of stunning and animated scenes embedded for you to decorate your books now. Different templates, different layout, different tool bar buttons...

FlipBook Creator's powerful built-in search engine enables you to quickly find and highlight the text on different pages. The hyperlinks of the original files can be well retained. If you like, you can choose to disable the hyperlinks in the result flipbooks.

flipbook creator for Mac is desktop software that you can locally install on a MAC computer. Unlike other online PDF to Flash book services, it gives you total control of the whole production and has no limitations of the number of PDF files. With it, you can create as many interactive online flipbooks as you wish for your own company or for your clients, and all features are included. More see Flipbook Creator's refund policy...

Take your PDF to the next level, to get all the benefits of an online flipbook PDF: interactivity, more engagement, easy sharing and performance tracking. And let's not forget about branding and collaboration, all wrapped up nicely in one flipbook software.

Get more than the interactive page flip effect as you convert the PDF to flipbook. Add videos, audio files, links, interactive photos as well as 3rd party content such as forms, house tours, shopping carts and more!

Control the visibility settings for your flipping book to achieve the desired level of privacy. Concerned about other security aspects? We're probably the most secure digital flipbook maker. Reach out to us!

Choose the desired visibility option, then publish and share the flipbook on social media, email, your website or anywhere else you wish! You can also download the animated flipbook or export your design as PDF.


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