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Teen Therapy Groups (Mon/Thurs)

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Justin Corleone
Justin Corleone

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what a shame disney did not accept it! one of the most successful comic strips in history, tintin was the first comic book to be translated into a hollywood film, and helped to inspire an entire generation of cartoonists and graphic novelists,including such current stars as alan moore, frank miller, and will eisner. tintin actually began life as a magazine strip in paris, a competitor of le petit vingti&egravere, the precursor to the very successful french cartoon magazines. in the beginning, tintin was drawn in an old-fashioned art deco style, but herg gradually moved the strip towards a more realistic feel. one of hergs first innovations was to allow tintin to speak, for the first time in any comic strip. in the original 1930s strip, herg wrote, speaking tintin was impossible, since he was a character who lived in a world of his own, separated from the other characters. but the demand for a speaking hero was overwhelming, and so tintin became the first cartoon character to speak. the character was obviously intended to be a hero for young boys, but the character appealed so well to young girls as well, that tintin began to achieve sales on a wider scale. his adventures were published in a french newspaper, le petit vingtière, in 1929. the success of the strip grew, and by the time that it was acquired by the great belgian comic company, het vaderland, in 1934, tintin had become a worldwide phenomenon.

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7/10not only was tintin a global phenomenon, he was also a major influence on the creators of videogames. in the mid-80s, the great belgian comic book company, het vaderland, bought the rights to tintin, and decided to turn him into a video game. they created a version of the activision game, tintin: the great escape, but there was just one problem. activision was not interested in creating a game based on a famous comic book. het vaderland managed to convince activision to let them release the game on their own, so they created tintin: the mystery of the unicorn, this time based on hergs comic book, tintin in the land of the soviets. the game was published in 1988. it was a huge success, and so het vaderland continued to create tintin-based games. there were eight tintin games released between 1988 and 1992, including the sequel to the mystery of the unicorn. the popularity of tintin was such that the games became a huge success. the rights to tintin were later bought by ubisoft, and so we have some of the best games based on the character to date. and thats why were giving tintin the game: the secret of the unicorn a 8/10.


Description: These are two therapy groups for teens ages 16...


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