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Teen Therapy Groups (Mon/Thurs)

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The gavel is a symbol of justice, power, and (let's face it) having the final say! A boxed gavel set makes a great gift, but why not make it extra special and add free personalized engraving or gift a wall-mounted gavel plaque?

buy gavel


A custom engraved gavel plaque or gavel gift set makes a beautifully thoughtful retirement gift for anyone in the legal profession. Show your thanks with a personalised gift, engrave the recipient's name, dates of employment and your firm or organisation's name for a beautiful gift that will last.

Looking for a gift for a member of your family or a friend who has just graduated law school or having just taken (and smashed!) the BAR exam? A customized gavel gift set makes a beautifully thoughtful and inspirational gift for any recent graduates going into the law profession.

Are you a member of a board or committee, and is your Chairperson retiring? Our gavel gift sets, plaques and gavel desk stands make a wonderful departure gift for a departing board chair or member. As always, we offer free custom engraving to give your gift that important personal touch.

So, still wondering what gift to get for a retiring or aspiring legal professional or board member? Look no further than GavelsFast! Check out our range of Gavel gift sets, commemorative plaques and gavel desk stands now!

Thanks to the golden-colored plating on the hammer, this gavel set looks royal. However, it does not come with any engraving, making it suitable for official purposes. Since the gavel and sound block are made from high-quality wood, it lasts for years. It also gives a great banging sound when hit on the wooden sound block.

Are you a professional judge or know someone who is? If yes, then this gavel and sound block set is perfect for you and ideal for gifting a reputed judge. During the bid and auction events, you can also use it to announce the final results. Besides, it is perfect to be paired with a Halloween judge costume and style yourself as a cruel judge at the party.

Thanks to superior quality walnut wooden material, this gavel set has been quite sturdy and durable for years. Furthermore, it has a long handle that provides a non-slip and firm hold on the gavel. Since it is lightweight, you can conveniently use it without getting cramps in your palms. On top of everything, the sound block is covered with a bottom felt due to which it does not slip from the desk and produces a voluminous bang.

Since it is constructed from high-quality wood, it is sturdy, dent-resistant, and lasts for years even after regular use. This wooden material is also skin-friendly so that you do not get rashes in your palms after constant usage of this gavel set.

This gavel is purely handcrafted from high-quality wood, making it extremely solid, dent-proof, and durable. It looks elegant because of its shiny and polished surface and elegant engravings. In addition, the gold plating gives extra charm to the gavel head. You can easily store it or place it on the work desk thanks to its small size.

This gavel is designed for children and artists who play the role of a judge in the drama or participate in the fancy dress competition. Since it is made from plastic, it is lightweight and durable but gives an authentic wood-like look. It completes the look of a judge when paired with a black gown-like costume. In addition, you can style it for a Halloween party.

A gavel can be useful in multiple professions. However, its primary purpose is to create silence in the courtroom while maintaining the discipline and an official vibe. Here are some of the reasons to invest in a gavel set.

On the other hand, if you are a drama artist or want to buy a gavel for your kid playing the role of a judge in a fancy dress competition, then a plastic-made gavel is recommended. It is cost-friendly, lightweight, and looks similar to the wooden gavel. So, you can select the material of the gavel as per your requirements.

The size of the gavel set plays an essential role in making it effective. While discussing the dimensions, make sure to check the size of the gavel head and sound block. For effectively producing the sound, the gavel head and sound block should have sizes compatible with each other. Most of the gavels and sound blocks have a diameter in the range of 3 to 6 inches. Hence, make sure to buy the product in the mentioned dimension range to avoid any problems after purchase.

You can only hit the gavel on the sound block effortlessly when bolstered with a comfortable handle. Many poor-quality gavels have slippery and small handles that are difficult to use. Hence, find a product with a handle length of 10 to 11 inches. It should also have a non-slip grip to provide you with a firm hold on the gavel. Moreover, a slim gavel handle is easy to hold for long hours without getting cramps in your palms.

If you are purchasing a gavel to keep as a decor piece in your living room, make sure it is polished and has a shiny and aesthetic appearance. Most gavels have brownish to dark red color, but you can also find vintage and dark brownish shade models that look awesome when placed on the work desk. Besides, a few ceremonial mallets have golden strip plating with beautiful engravings that add a classy vibe to the room.

Another crucial factor to check to get your hands on a quality gavel set is the properties of the sound block. It should be sturdy enough to produce a voluminous sound when hit by the gavel. Besides, many sound blocks are covered with a bottom feel, preventing them from sliding over the desk. This bottom felt also resists the high force on the gavel, which prevents it from bouncing back when hit forcefully on the sound block.

If you purchase a top-notch gavel and maintain it with proper care by keeping it away from water, then it can last for years. Besides, some manufacturing companies provide a warranty period of one year so that you can use the product without worrying about its durability. If it does not produce satisfactory sound or breaks, you can easily replace it or get a refund.

You need to understand that an authentic gavel that you can use in a courtroom or auction is made from top-grade wood and will cost you around $25. However, if you want a plastic-made gavel for a fancy dress competition or Halloween party, it will cost a lower price of around $6 to $7.

A: A wooden gavel set should not be cleaned using water or a damp cloth. Instead, you can use an alcohol-based cleaning solution and dry tissue paper or cloth to wipe off the dirt deposited on the gavel.

A: A gavel is a ceremonial mallet used in the courtroom sessions to maintain the decorum and peaceful environment and announce the final verdict over the case. Besides, it is used in the auction event to indicate the acceptance of the final bid.

A: If your kid is playing the role of a judge in a fancy dress competition, then a plastic-made gavel will be suitable for them. It is lightweight and does not hit hard, so your child remains safe from accident injuries.

But, where can you buy gavels for your MUN Conference?Look no further! GavelsFast can help to ease your MUN Conference preparation woes with our range of gavel, trophy, desk sign and commemorative plaque options.

Gavel optionsWe stock a range of gavels and gavel + sound block sets, offering free custom engraving on all gavel bands. Our gavels are available in a range of prices to suit different budgets and requirements.

Gavel + sound block setsJust like our gavel-only options, our gavel sets come in a range of woods and price points, to suit your organisation. Gavel band engraving is still included, and there is an option to laser engrave the top of the sound block for an additional cost. Why not add your school's emblem for an extra touch of class?

GavelsFast support the Model United Nations community and we provide gavels to a number of schools and colleges across the United States. We are delighted to offer bulk discount pricing on a number of our most popular products to MUN teams and conferences; we offer quick turnaround, free shipping and a friendly and helpful team. Please get in touch by emailing to request more information on our volume discount pricing.

This wood gavel is exquisitely designed with a long ergonomic handle that allows for comfortable and firm grip. The round block makes a perfect match for the gavel and produces a clear loud sound when hammered. Just the right thing to have as a fun desk accessory and conversation piece.

ok i made my own sim with my char and the gavel is a 1500 dps increase. The nine one 500 and the jailer agility one 250. wtf how broken is that weapon and why is there no agility weapon of something like that.

This Acrylic Gavel Set features a clear acrylic gavel and sound block. This item is part of our Clocks & Gifts Section. This item is the larger version of the Gavel. Please refer to A721 for the smaller version.

Crown Trophy has dozens of gavels, all at budget-friendly prices your group can afford. Gavels are wonderful gifts and incentives for any business and for over 40 years, Crown Trophy has been the leader in gavels for companies in your town. Please take advantage of our selection of modern and classic crystal gavels, acrylic gavels, wood gavels, gavel plaques and so much more. High quality engraving personalizes your gavel and many gavels can be customized with your logo or event information. Please visit the experts at your neighborhood Crown Trophy store today and make your ceremony or event the best it can be. 041b061a72


Description: These are two therapy groups for teens ages 16...
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