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Don 39;t Download Gacha Club

Don't Download Gacha Club

Gacha Club is a game that has gained a lot of popularity among anime fans and casual gamers alike. However, it is also a game that has many problems and drawbacks that make it unsuitable for most players. In this article, we will explain what Gacha Club is, why you should avoid it, and what are some better alternatives to enjoy.

don 39;t download gacha club

What is Gacha Club?

Gacha Club is a game developed by Lunime, a company that specializes in creating anime-style games with gacha mechanics. Gacha Club has three main features:

A popular anime-style character creation and dress-up game

Gacha Club allows you to customize up to 100 characters with different outfits, hairstyles, accessories, poses, and backgrounds. You can choose from thousands of items and colors to create your own unique anime characters. You can also import and export your characters to share them with other players.

A platform for creating stories, scenes, and mini-games

Gacha Club also lets you enter the Studio mode, where you can create any scene you can imagine with your characters. You can add pets, objects, text boxes, narration, and more to make your own stories. You can also play mini-games such as Usagi vs Neko or Mascot Whack to earn gems and bytes that you can use to gacha for more characters.

A gacha game with over 180 units to use in battle

Gacha Club also has a battle mode, where you can gacha for over 180 units to use in different modes such as Story, Training, Tower, and Shadows of Corruption. You can collect gems, gold, and materials to enhance, awaken, and increase the skill levels of your units. You can also customize your own battle team and strategy.

Why You Should Avoid Gacha Club

While Gacha Club may seem like a fun and creative game at first glance, it also has many issues and drawbacks that make it a bad choice for most players. Here are some of the reasons why you should avoid downloading Gacha Club:

It has many technical issues and glitches

Gacha Club is a poorly optimized game that often lags, crashes, freezes, or glitches on many devices. The game may also consume a lot of storage space, battery life, and data usage on your device. The game may also have bugs or errors that affect the gameplay or the user interface. For example, some players have reported losing their progress, characters, or items due to glitches or updates.

It has inappropriate and harmful content for young audiences

Gacha Club is rated E10+ by Google Play Store, but it contains content that is not suitable for young or sensitive audiences. The game allows you to customize your characters with revealing or suggestive outfits, accessories, poses, and expressions. The game also has some violent or disturbing elements such as weapons, blood, gore, horror themes, or corrupted characters. The game may also expose you to inappropriate or harmful content created by other players in the Studio mode or the online community.

It has a toxic and negative community

Gacha Club has a large online community of players who share their creations on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or Reddit. However, the community is also known for being toxic, negative, hateful, or abusive towards other players or groups. The community may also engage in activities such as cyberbul lying, trolling, scamming, hacking, stealing, or harassing other players or creators . The community may also spread misinformation, rumors, drama, or hate speech about the game, the developers, or other topics. The community may also influence you to adopt unhealthy or addictive behaviors such as spending too much time, money, or energy on the game or the gacha system.

It has been involved in several controversies and scandals

Gacha Club has also faced several controversies and scandals that have tarnished its reputation and credibility. Some of the controversies and scandals include:

  • The game was accused of plagiarizing or stealing assets, designs, or ideas from other games or sources without permission or credit .

  • The game was criticized for having inappropriate or offensive content such as racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or pedophilic elements .

  • The game was banned or removed from some platforms or countries due to legal issues or violations of terms of service .

  • The game was hacked or compromised by malicious actors who accessed or leaked personal information, accounts, or data of players or developers .

  • The game was boycotted or protested by some players or groups who demanded changes, improvements, or apologies from the developers .

What are Some Alternatives to Gacha Club?

If you are looking for a game that allows you to create and customize your own anime characters and stories, but without the problems and drawbacks of Gacha Club, here are some alternatives that you can try:

Styledoll: 3D Avatar Maker

Styledoll is a game that lets you create your own 3D avatars with various styles and options. You can choose from hundreds of items and colors to dress up your avatar. You can also change your avatar's face shape, hair style, eye color, skin tone, and more. You can also take photos of your avatar in different poses and backgrounds. You can also share your avatar with other players and see their creations.

Pastel Girl: Dress Up Game

Pastel Girl is a game that lets you dress up a cute girl with pastel-colored clothes and accessories. You can choose from over 1000 items and colors to create your own pastel style. You can also decorate your girl with stickers and effects. You can also save and load your outfits and share them with other players.

Gachaverse: RPG and Anime Dress Up

Gachaverse is a game that lets you create your own anime characters and stories with gacha mechanics. You can customize up to 90 characters with different outfits, hairstyles, weapons, and more. You can also enter the Studio mode to create your own scenes and stories with your characters. You can also play the RPG mode to battle enemies and bosses with your characters.


Gacha Club is a game that may seem appealing to anime fans and casual gamers, but it is also a game that has many issues and drawbacks that make it a bad choice for most players. The game has many technical problems, inappropriate content, toxic community, and controversial history that outweigh its fun and creative features. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid downloading Gacha Club and try some of the alternatives that we have suggested instead.


  • Is Gacha Club free?Yes, Gacha Club is free to download and play on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices. However, the game may have in-app purchases or ads that require real money.

  • Is Gacha Club safe?No, Gacha Club is not safe for most players, especially young or sensitive ones. The game may expose you to inappropriate or harmful content, cyberbullying or harassment, hacking or data breaches, legal issues or violations, or addictive behaviors.

  • Is Gacha Club offline?Yes, Gacha Club can be played offline without an internet connection. However, some features such as importing or exporting characters may require an internet connection.

  • How do I delete Gacha Club?To delete Gacha Club from your device, you need to uninstall the app from your device's settings or app store. You may also need to delete any residual files or data from your device's storage.

  • How do I contact Gacha Club support?To contact Gacha Club support, you can email them at or visit their website at You can also follow them on their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube.


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