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Teen Therapy Groups (Mon/Thurs)

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My Place

The son of a celebrated Hollywood director emerges from his father's shadow to claim his own place as a visionary force in American culture. George Stevens, Jr. tells an intimate and moving tale of his relationship with his Oscar-winning father and his own distinguished career in Hollywood and Washington. Fascinating people, priceless stories and a behind-the-scenes view of some of America's major cultural and political events grace this riveting memoir. George Stevens, Jr. grew up in Hollywood and worked on film classics with his father and writes vividly of his experience on the sets of A Place in the Sun (1951), Shane (1953), Giant (1956) and The Diary of Anne Frank (1959). He explores how the magnitude of his father's talent and achievements left him questioning his own creative path. The younger Stevens began to forge his unique career when legendary broadcaster Edward R. Murrow recruited him to elevate the Motion Picture Service at the United States Information Agency in John F. Kennedy's Washington. Stevens' trailblazing efforts initiated what has been called the "golden era" of USIA filmmaking and a call to respect motion pictures as art. His appointment as founding director of the American Film Institute in 1967 placed him at the forefront of culture and politics, safeguarding thousands of endangered films and training a new generation of filmmakers. Stevens' commitment to America's cultural heritage led to envisioning the prestigious Kennedy Center Honors and propelled a creative life of award-winning films and television programs that heightened attention to social justice, artistic achievement, and the American experience.Stevens provides a rare look at a pioneering American family spanning five generations in entertainment: from the San Francisco stage in the 19th century to silent screen comedies, Academy Award-winning films, Emmy Award-winning television programs and a Broadway play in the 21st century. He reveals the private side of the dazzling array of American presidents, first ladies, media moguls, and luminaries who cross his path, including Elizabeth Taylor, Sidney Poitier, the Kennedys, Yo-Yo Ma, Cary Grant, James Dean, Bruce Springsteen, Barack and Michelle Obama, and many more. In My Place in the Sun, George Stevens, Jr. shares his lifelong passion for advancing the art of American film, enlightening audiences, and shining a spotlight on notable figures who inspire us. He provides an insightful look at Hollywood's Golden Age and an insider's account of Washington spanning six decades, bringing to life a sparkling era of American history and culture.

My Place

The My Place Transitional Age Program is designed to help young adults who are ready to transition from care, group housing, and/or foster care, but are not ready to live completely on their own. This program provides services to both males and females, ages 16 - 21 years old. One of the unique components of My Place is the placement of young adult parents along with their children.

STEVENS: Well, when - my father asked me to be the associate producer on that film. And before we shot it, we went to Europe, and we drove around Normandy. And then we went to Amsterdam and went to a small office building one morning, rang the doorbell, and the door was opened by a tall man - white-haired man - named Otto Frank, Anne Frank's father. And we went in and sat down with him. And at one moment, he went over to a filing cabinet and pulled it open and took out something wrapped in cloth, opened it, and there was Anne Frank's diary with the pictures she pasted in it. You know, and it was just so moving to see that object. And then Otto Frank took us to the hiding place. And we went up beyond that bookcase behind which they hid, and he told my father of the day the Germans came.

The wood-paneled bar was opened in May 1971 by Bob Padgett. After Padgett died, his children ran the bar, updating it to accept credit cards but keeping much of the place looking and operating as it did for decades. 041b061a72


Description: These are two therapy groups for teens ages 16...
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