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Women's Group (Wed)

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About Last Night By Tory Baker 'LINK'

"There was a story that I had written after the game came out about Ellie's mom, that was going to be realized in this one way and then it just kind of fell apart so it was always just sitting on a shelf," said the co-president of video game developer Naughty Dog, creator of The Last of Us game.

About Last Night by Tory Baker

"Craig's excavation of what The Last of Us was, and just talking about everything that we had developed within Naughty Dog and the history of the world, and all these different factions and these relationships, I mentioned this story to him and his eyes went wide and he was like, 'Oh, my God that has to go into the show.' 041b061a72


Description: The group is a weekly therapy group for women ...
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