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Digital-Ally DVM-500Plus Installation Manual Digital-Ally ((NEW))

6 CAUTIONS & NOTES Please read and follow the instructions and precautions in this installation guide when installing the DVM- 500PLUS system. For assistance, a qualified installation technician or mechanic should be consulted. Do not route wiring and cabling over sharp metal edges where they may become damaged or cut. To prevent electrical shorts or breakage in the wiring and cabling, do not allow wiring and cabling to be pinched behind trim pieces, panels, etc. Do not run wires or cables in areas where they become damaged by heat from the engine or the exhaust system. Do not install any in-car video system components or wiring in the deployment path of the air bag(s). When installing the cables or making wire connections, it is recommended you allow for service loops and leave a little slack in the cable connections to allow for service loops and to allow for movement of the mirror so the connections do not get pulled or accidentally disconnected. Avoid running cables parallel to other wiring and/or antenna coax of other systems that may be installed in the vehicle and do not leave excessive cable above the headliner. Doing so may cause Radio Frequency (RF) interference in the video or audio recordings of the DVM system. If installing the optional Wireless Transfer Module (WTM), consult the WTM-555 installation instructions. DVM-500PLUS Interface Box Backup Battery This system is equipped with a Backup Battery that is located in the Interface Box (pictured on page 16 of this manual). In case of vehicle power failure, the Backup Battery will maintain power to your DVM-500Plus system for minutes. If the Backup Battery does not have a high enough charge at the time of installation, the DVM-500Plus system may not turn on correctly the first time. It may be necessary to charge the Backup Battery. **To charge the Backup Battery, install your DVM-500Plus system, but do not turn it on. Start the vehicle and allow the vehicle to idle for 5-10 minutes. Before powering on your new DVM-500PLUS Your DVM-500Plus system comes equipped with a Compact Flash card that the system records all of your video files to. In order to ensure that you receive the latest features and benefits your system has to offer, please follow the following steps before turning on your system for the first time: Logon to and register for an account to be an Authorized User. By registering, you will be able to download all of the latest software and firmware updates and you will also be notified of all future updates. Download the latest firmware, copy the file to your Compact Flash Card that was included with your system, and follow the Firmware Update instructions in your DVM-500PLUS User s Guide. For further assistance, please contact our Technical Support staff at: Phone: Toll-Free or DVM-500Plus Installation Guide REV C Page 6

Digital-Ally DVM-500Plus Installation Manual Digital-Ally

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i Before you Start the Installation * Please read this manual to become familiar with the requirements necessary to complete the installation. * Use a high quality multi-meter to test all wires before

520 Installation Instructions Thank you very much for purchasing PIAA product. Please read this entire manual before installation and use of this product. For Installers Please give this Installation Manual


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