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The Secret War Against Red Russia By Brian Best... ((FULL))

What do all you old sober sides make of this thesis? It sounds loony until you actually think about it - and the general thesis of "no-win wars" (i.e. wars the intention of which is not to win but to bleed) is quite plausible."STRATAGEMS of DEFEAT AND NO-WIN WARS "CHINA: Following WWII, Mao Tse-Tung, financed by the international banks, led his Chinese communists in an armed conflict against nationalist China under Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek, America's ally against Japan. Truman warned Chiang to integrate communists into China's nationalist government or American aid would be withdrawn. Chiang refused to be extorted, citing his revulsion of the international banking cartel. Deprived of American assistance, his army bereft of supplies, Chiang Kai-Shek retreated to the island sanctuary of Formosa and dug in. Thus, the U.S.A. deliberately betrayed its former ally Chiang Kai-Shek and gave mainland China to communism. Subsequently communist China was awarded a permanent seat on the U.N. Security Council, its most powerful chair. Mao Tse-Tung, of "Little Red Book" fame, and darling of the New York-Hollywood "elite", then proceeded to murder 65 million of his countrymen in what David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski call "a glorious revolution.""KOREA: Shortly thereafter Truman, with Congress averting its eyes, committed U.S. troops to Korea. The alleged mission was to prevent communism from spreading to South Korea, a peninsula pointed at now disarmed Japan. This "police action" quickly developed into a full-blown but undeclared war. The great General Douglas MacArthur drove the North Koreans, led by Red Chineseofficers, toward the Chinese border amid cries of protest from Wall Street which feared war with "our trading partner" Red China. Liberals in America's streets "protested" our victories and exulted in our defeats - thus, in patriots' eyes, giving the war a raison d'etre. MacArthur complained that his conduct of the war was compromised by spies within the U.S. government: "The enemy receives my (Pentagon) directives before I do". MacArthur asked Truman to permit Chiang Kai-Shek's troops to fight with Americans against the Red Chinese. Truman refused. MacArthur was denied his request to attack enemy forces massing across the Yalu border in preparation for attack. He was denied his request to gather intelligence by aerial reconnaissance over China. MacArthur soon realized he was expected to win battles but lose the war. Again and again against incredible odds, and at great cost in American casualties, U.S. forces stopped the enemy; but were prevented by President Truman from administering the coup de grace. MacArthur publicly insisted upon victory, infuriating the international banks. Whereupon Truman dismissed MacArthur for insubordination. His replacement, General Ridgway, said after the war: "The reason we didn't win is because I was under orders not to win". Why has no one been hanged for high treason? Only the bankers know. All of the facts, in retrospect, lead to the conclusion that the U.S. government's purpose in dragging America into Korea was not to defeat communism but to kill as many Americans as possible in an ignoble defeat, get rid of the hero MacArthur as a possible presidential nominee, and lure a disillusioned America into acceptance of one world government."VIET NAM: A repeat scenario was played 10 years later under another banker-picked Democratic administration. President Lyndon Johnson, Democrat, in a special address to the American public, reported an attack upon a U.S. naval vessel in the Tonkin Gulf by a North Vietnamese torpedo boat. Johnson solemnly announced that "Communist aggression must be stopped as a threat to American security!" (Later, after 58,152 American dead were just names on a wall, declassified US Navy logs revealed there had been no torpedo attack!). Johnson then ordered 165,000 U.S. forces under General Westmoreland to support a handful of American "advisors" previously ordered there by former President John F. Kennedy, Democrat. The "advisors" assisted inept South Vietnamese in their ongoing war against the North Vietnamese, who also happened to be communists. Once U.S. forces were committed in large numbers the U.S. federal government, as in Korea, prohibited them from attacking specified enemy sanctuaries (staging areas) into which the communists retreated, regrouped, re-armed and launched renewed attacks. War materiel, shipped via the"Hanoi Run" from USSR to Viet Nam, was produced in Russian plants that had been built by American companies and financed by the Federal Reserve System. As in Korea, communist spies within the U.S. government released vital information to the enemy. Again the secret policy of the financiers was: "containment of communism" while disallowing an American victory. Denying a final victory over a dedicated and skilled marxist enemy was a recipe for the murder of our men. It meant re-taking the same bloody ground over and over again. Yet, despite treason in high places American troops - outnumbered ten-to-one - were winning the war. Which is precisely why U.S. liberals so vehemently protested U.S. involvement - and that is the only reason - we were destroying their comrades... the communists. Meanwhile the mass media suddenly reversed its pro-war policy: denying our beleaguered troops moral support from home. The media heaped calumny on U.S. military leadership; presented biased, horrifying scenes depicting "the wanton killing of Vietnamese civilians", and the "degeneracy" of our fighting men and women. Finally the brainwashed, confused, exhausted American public forced our government to surrender. We now see a pattern of sedition/treason. The U.S. government secretly abets communism around the globe, then sends in the American military to "contain the communist menace". Thus, Europe, Russia, China, Korea, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, the Middle East were turned into killing grounds, and their existing governments destroyed. The financial elite then move into the vacuum, establish central banks, and issue debt-credit to the devastated populations. There is no doubt these treasonous no-win US wars were meant to disillusion the American nation into accepting loss of sovereignty and one world government."You will not be surprised to hear that I have bowdlerised the above considerably, removing racial designators and course expressions of various sorts. I don't want people putting words into my mouth, saying "you're going to tell us all these bankers and financiers are Jewish", for instance. I'm not going to tell you anything of the sort. I am going to let the extract stand as it is, containing just enough truth to be uncomfortable, I think. Especially considering that the Republican Party has obviously now been captured by the same forces (the 'Illuminati', hehehe)

The Secret War Against Red Russia by Brian Best...

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