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Things To Buy In Nassau Bahamas NEW!

If you're after standard Nassau souvenirs or wares by retailers endorsed by your cruise ship's shopping consultant, you'll find a shopper's haven within a few blocks of your ship. If you want to know what else to buy in Nassau and where to find more local products, we've also got you covered. Here are the top things to buy in Nassau, and where to find them.

things to buy in nassau bahamas

Great! Thanks for all the info and advice! I really appreciate it. Now we at least have an idea what things will cost in terms of souvenirs. My sister wants me to bring her a purse. we can't wait to go! 12 more days!

Graycliff, a short uphill walk from Bay Street, has been the first name in lodging and dining in Nassau since 1973. In 1977, it added a hand-rolled cigar factory to its operations that deal in the finer things in life. In 2012, owners opened a chocolate factory. Shopping at Graycliff becomes an immersive experience. You can do a tour of the factories and even sit in on chocolate- and cigar-making experiences.In the chocolate factory's shop, buy bars of tobacco chocolate (much better than it sounds), chocolate tea, chocolate shaped like cigars, and bonbons in flavors such as Nutella, mint, brandy cherry and chai tea.Next door at the cigar factory, you have your choice of fine smokes. You can also buy chocolates, cigars, Graycliff Coffee and other fine gifts in the Heritage Shoppe across the street. Plans are to turn the surrounding historic ruins into an artisan's village.

You can walk right into the resort. Personally, I brought my boat and docked it at their free dinghy docks. You can walk right up to the resort though as well and enjoy their casino, restaurants and bars, as well as a few other things that are listed below.

This tour is one of the best things to do in Nassau for those with a long list of sights and restaurants! Explore the ins and outs of areas like Junkanoo, a multitude of forts including Fort Montague, Fort Fincastle, Fort Nassau and Fort Charlotte and other points of interest, covering more ground in a few hours than if traveling by foot.

Just like Cadbury cannot be sourced in its European form in the United States, there are other things sold in airport duty-free shops that are not available back at home. Specifically, the foreign candy aisle of duty-free, which includes:

Electronics are one of the things most consumer advocates would advise not to buy at the airport, but the prospect of a long flight with no headphones or an iPad with a dead battery can be hard to fathom for some.

Running along W Hill Street is the Graycliff Heritage, operated by the Graycliff Hotel. Another historic things to do in Nassau Bahamas, Graycliff is home to the Heritage Museum of the Bahamas (opened in 2014). Also onsite is the Graycliff Cigar company, Graycliff Chocolatier and Bahama Barrels wine tasting.

The Pompey Museum of Slavery and Emancipation sits just off Pompey Square (between the downtown waterfront and bay street, adjacent to the Nassau Straw Market). Pompey Museum documents the history of slavery in the Bahamas. The building actually dates back to the 1760s when it was originally a market building. Painted Pink (as with all Government Buildings) and a unique History, Pompey Museum is an interesting things to do in Nassau Bahamas.

The only interactive Pirate experience in Nassau, Pirates of Nassau will transport you back in time to 1716 and the era of pirating making it one of the exciting things to do in Nassau Bahamas. Adorned with many interesting exhibits and recreations, visitors can experience the Golden Age of Piracy that began in 1969 when privateer Henry Every brought the ship the Fancy and having bribed local officials established Nassau as a base that pirates could operate from safely.

Blue Lagoon is a small island (Salt Cay) just off Paradise Island. Visitors are given a scenic boat ride from Nassau Harbour to reach the private island. It is frequently voted one of the top things to do in Nassau Bahamas. The Island offers many exciting activities including; Stingray Encounter, Segway tour, Shark encounter, Beach day, sea lion encounter and the top attraction; Dolphin encounter and swim.

Aquaventure is the Bahamas largest waterpark. Located within the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island. Certainly the most fun things to do in Nassau Bahamas, Aquaventure is accessible by guests not staying at Atlantis. You can purchase a day pass with access to the Cove Beach and swimming pools also. The waterpark is home to many water slides, river rides,20 swimming areas, a kids play area and 11 swimming pools.

At the far Western shores of New Providence Island, the Clifton Heritage is one of our favorite things to do in Nassau Bahamas. Covering 208 hectares of land its home to unique collections of historical and culturally important sites in Nassau. As well as a diverse ecosystem, caves and nature trails, aswell as the one-of-0a-kind underwater sculpture park, the Clifton Heritage Park is on of the top Nassau Attractions.

Rose Island is a top day trippers destination. The long but thin island, closest to Nassau and Paradise island is home to un-spoilt white sand beaches and tropical vegetation. It has some of the best snorkeling in Nassau making it on of the top things to do in Nassau Bahamas.

No trip to the Bahamas is complete without a stop in Nassau, the island country's capital. A day in Nassau is a bounty of beautiful beaches, water adventures, British colonial architecture, fascinating museums, and exotic attractions. Cap the day off with a lunch of conch fritters (the national dish of the Bahamas) washed down with a cold Kalik. Of all the things to do in Nassau, here are a few favourites.

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If you are taking a cruise into the Bahamas, you are probably stopping in one of two places, Freeport or Nassau. The more popular of the two ports is Nassau and features great beaches and beautiful crystal blue water. You will find a wide array of things to do in Nassau, Bahamas Port!

No matter how you decide to spend your day in Nassau, be sure to stay safe. There are many things to do in Nassau, but make sure you do your research before heading out as some areas of the city are pretty sketchy.

We booked a standard room via the block of the wedding we were attending. Our room contained a king bed and a nice view of the main beach, as well as things like a chair and table, a coffee maker with coffee and tea, a large closet with lots of hangers, an ironing board and iron, plenty of dresser space, and a large bathroom with a tub, shower, and separate toilet. It was really easy for my husband and me to get ready at the same time, which always helps when traveling. 041b061a72


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