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Justin Corleone
Justin Corleone

[S2E11] Fall Of The Wild

The crazy only continues when a mother and daughter arguing about college is soon interrupted by an accident on the freeway. Unfortunately, the truck that crashes right in front of them has something dangerous in it, something dangerous like a SHARK. The shark was being taken to be released into the wild but an accident causes it to fall out of the truck while its jaw is clenched tightly around one of the workers.

[S2E11] Fall of the Wild

In the series opener, Les forages the beaches and tidewaters of the Oregon coast while Chef Paul sets up a kitchen on the beach. When Les reveals a bounty of wild mussels (and also surprises Chef Paul with a couple of ingredients he is unfamiliar with), Paul gets creative with his beach fire.

Just a short drive from the city of Edmonton, Alberta expert forager Les Stroud and Chef Paul Rogalski find themselves experiencing the natural life cycles of horsetail, and fireweed right where they grow. Add to this the bounty of dandelion and cattail and you have the makings of a delicious wild harvest!

Les finds himself immersed in a plethora of in season wild edibles when he paddles and explores the swamps and forests surrounding his cabin in the woods in Temagami, Ontario. Chef Paul is energized with so many ingredients to play with, including a Small Mouth Bass.

With Merlin having these worries, on the other side of Camelot the royal family is also about to fall apart as the relationship between Uther and Morganna finally comes to an end with the young sorceress spurning her adopted father and wishing he would burn in hell.

Josie Campbell from wrote, "'To Protect and Serve Man,' the last episode of Grimm before the show's fall finale, continued to lean on the series' cop drama side rather than mythology to deliver a solidly entertaining story about saving an innocent man's life, and a solidly obsession-based story of Renard/Juliette smoochies."[6]

We're not just looking at moments of the series that were disturbing to viewers, we're looking at plot points within the grand arc of the series that are, well, wild. Conspiracy theories are one thing, season 4 of The X-Files is another. So without further ado, let's get weird with it.

The following day, Nathan and Taylor go on their run. As they finish, the two end up running into the sea together to have a good time. Felix goes to see Lucas, furious with him breaking up with his sister. As Felix yells, they start to fight. Throwing Felix to the floor, Lucas backs away, but Felix has other ideas. As he walks away, Felix grabs his legs forcing Lucas to fall to the floor and whack his head of the picnic table, Felix continue to kick him leaving Lucas badly beaten on the floor. Back at the beach, Nathan takes Taylor to his parent's beach house and that is when Taylor remembers who he is, Taylor admits she is homeless and has been kicked out of college, they both decide to keep their secrets to ensure Haley never finds out. Jake confides in Peyton telling her he is constantly looking out for Nicki and that is why he has to go back so soon, the following day. Andy visits Karen and she asks who the woman was, without giving Andy the chance to explain himself, she asks him to leave, calling the relationship off. As Taylor arrives home with Nathan, Haley lets him know that she doesn't trust Taylor.

After getting a necklace from Felix, Brooke goes to see him and returns it to him, she says that she doesn't want to be bought by him, she just wants him to love her. Felix makes it up to her being sweet to her, a side Brooke has never really seen before. Jake asks Peyton if Rick was a drug dealer, and Peyton is forced to confess, but it was only the once. Jake tells her he worries about her, but Peyton says there is no need, but Jake wants to. Lucas pays another visit to Jules, he has checked her credit history and found that she paid in cash, meaning her credit references was a lie, and he wants to know why Dan called her. She tells him that she was beat up by her partner and put in the hospital. When he left, she was in a lot of debt. She put an advert on the internet to do anything legal. Dan answered her call and told her to fall in love with Keith and then break his heart, but once she did, she did fall in love with him and they have called off the deal. Peyton wakes up to another day with Jake, but this time he is packing. He gives her the first email she sent to him and said that the email comforted him and wants that sort of thing every day, so he asks her to move away with him. Peyton agrees to go with him. Haley wakes Taylor up packing her bags, she tells her she is kicking her out and gives Taylor no other option until Nathan tells Haley to let her stay as she is family.

Chris activates Sloth Power with the disc Jimmy recently teleported. A harpy eagle carries him off and takes him to its nest. Chris deactivates his Suit afterward. While he was not looking, Gourmand uses a laser gun to cut open the nest and take the eggs. Gourmand's ingredient list floats away into Chris's face, causing him to realize Gourmand's plan and warns Aviva, who prepares to make a Harpy Eagle Disc, before going off to find Gourmand with the harpy eagle. Soon after, Gourmand grabs Chillax the sloth out of a tree and he runs off to his camp. Unbeknownst to him, Chris is miniaturized on Chillax. At the camp, Chris concocts a plan. He hops onto a sloth moth, which lands on Chillax. Chris waves a couple of leaves near a tied pulley rope that is holding up the three spider monkeys. Chillax pulls and unties the strings at the same time he takes some leaves, causing the monkeys to fall on Gourmand. Martin frees himself by imitating Gourmand in front of the captured jaguar, which breaks the dough binding him. Gourmand, however, recoups himself, and he pushes his kitchen and the animals into his plane and leaves. Aviva arrives and gives Martin a Harpy Eagle Disc and feather, and he activates his Harpy Eagle Creature Power Suit. Chris, who has activated his Sloth Creature Power Suit, opens the back hatch of Gourmand's plane and tosses the animals to Martin and Aviva. Chris also grabs Gourmand and lets him go after he said: "Put me down!" He falls onto a harpy eagle's nest, and the provoked harpy eagle chases him while he tries to evade it by jetpack. In the end, the Wild Kratts summarize their adventure. 041b061a72


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