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Women's Group (Wed)

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The bombs were dropped on two smaller cities. A real power merchant like Hitler would have but these bombs in the middle of Tokyo, London, Moscow or New York city. The decision to use them was made after determaning a full asult on Japan would have resulted in hundreds of thousands if not millions dead, with Japan ready to fight to the last man. Your nieve thought that the USA has a bomb why shouldn't everyone else? Makes my skin crawl. 60,000,000 people parished in WW2. A war that we wanted no part of. It had to end, Harry Truman saw a quick end. An end that save millions of lives and could show the world how far mans desire for world domination could go. They started it we ended it. Unfortunatly there are ignorant people (like you Theo) who do not believe evil exists. You will learn this when Iran's evil bomb attempts to "wipe Israel off the face of the map" I hope you will understand this, and prepared for the real terror that will be when this happens. Teach your children well my misguided freind.

download mobile movie evil dead 2013 mp4

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Description: The group is a weekly therapy group for women ...
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