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Ao Ashi Episode 18

In the past couple of episodes, Aoi has been trying to improve his game as a full-back. Helping him with the task is Anri Kaidou, who may have been developing feelings for Aoi. This becomes evident as she feels anxious due to Aoi's reaction upon hearing Hana's name.

Ao Ashi Episode 18

People residing in Japan can watch Ao Ashi episode 18 on Saturday, August 6, 2022, at 18:25 (JST) on Crunchyroll, Netflix Japan, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Gyao, Docomo, and Disney+. Entailing a total of 24 episodes means that, after episode 18, we will still be left with six more episodes of the anime.

The Esperion Youth B team was going through a bad streak of defeats and desperately needed a win. Unfortunately, they were soon going to face the in-form team Mushashino. Soon, Aoi and his friends discovered that Kaneda and Nakano, back from the Esperion Youth try-outs, were now part of Musashino. Kaneda had already scored seven goals in the league as a right-winger and was looking forward to putting some goals past Esperion. Luckily for Aoi, he got picked for the next game against Tama. Another surprise in the line-up was the inclusion of Yoshitsune, the Esperion youth A team's captain, as the center-forward.

In the match against Tama, we saw how Aoi learned to fill the passing channels with the help of his teammates. He operated as a proper full-back and strengthened the defense. This was when Yoshitsune took over the game, scoring a wonderful goal from an assist by Togashi. After witnessing the way Yoshitsune played, Aoi started aspiring to play just like him. However, Yoshitsune advises Aoi against following his playstyle.

Ao Ashi episode 18 titled "Wind of Change" will have Aoi try and find out what Yoshitsune meant when he asked Aoi not to try and aim to be like him. We have seen how Aoi has the makings of a playmaker, and maybe that's why it wouldn't be best for Aoi to try and imitate a goalscorer.

In the previous episode, Aoi tried to adapt to his new position as a defender. After so many days of hard work and sheer perseverance to claim his spot in the starting lineup, the moment finally arrived when he got to show the results of his training.

The next episode was scheduled for August 13, 2022, at 6.25 pm JST on NHK Educational TV. Unfortunately, due to certain issues, the new episode is delayed by a week, and Aoi Ashi episode 19 will be released on August 20.

In the next episode, Ashito will try to help Tachibana regain his confidence and persuade him to play in the upcoming match. Ashito will begin training to show off his skills to Fukuda to impress him.

Ashito seemed perplexed when he saw four possibilities in front of him and had to select one. He kicked the ball towards Tachibana, expecting him to score, but Togashi took advantage of his height and scored instead.

Fukuda informs Ashito that if he performs well in the upcoming match against Tokyo Musashino, he may consider transferring Ashito to team A. Tachibana requests that his coach bench him for the next bout because his confidence is shot after the match.

Ao Ashi Season 1 Episode 18 will be available on many Japanese broadcasting channels on Sat, August 6, 2022. It will also be available to watch for worldwide users on streaming platforms like Crunchyroll and Funimation. Including all the episodes previously released and the last seasons with original Japanese dub with English subtitles. I hope you enjoy watching it. 041b061a72


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