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Vitali Isaev
Vitali Isaev

Gay Cock

Privately I was shocked. I stared ahead at the TV but couldn't help but see his cock swinging in front out of the corner of my eye. I pride myself in that I have what I consider a nice sized dick. But this guy had some major meat hanging down. I also noticed he shaved his genital area. As a matter of fact both his crotch and chest seemed to be completely hairless and smooth.

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I'm not sure why I did it, but I reached down and cupped my briefs under my balls and began to stroke my cock. I spit into my hand, wetting it down, as I applied it to my shaft and began rubbing my hardening cock. I thought of the sex Laurie and I had just a few nights earlier. Laurie is a gorgeous brunette and I could picture her tits swinging back and forth as I pumped my dick into her doggy style - a position we both really loved.

It didn't seem long at all before I felt my orgasm approaching. But the scary thing was the images I kept seeing. Steve's chest, his naked cock swinging back and forth. His balls which hung down low. I tried to concentrate back on Laurie, her beautiful ass, those big brown eyes. And then the familiar build up in my cock as I shot load after load onto my chest.

I wanted to blurt out he was wrong. He was crazy as hell. It was him walking around naked all the time. I wasn't gay. I wasn't into guys. I was married. Happily married! But here I was speechless. Staring at his cock he was stroking with his hand, pumping it back and forth, hardening before my eyes.

I sat frozen in place. I wasn't about to move. He was wrong. I wasn't like that. I would never do what he was asking. My eyes watching him stroke his cock, his other hand still pointing to the spot on the side of the bed. I looked up from his dick. His eyes looking straight back into mine.

I was determined not to move, even as I felt myself sliding to the side of the bed, my legs slipping over the side. My face just inches away as he continued to slide his hand across the long shaft of his cock.

I couldn't move my head. I wasn't gay. It was one thing to touch him. I had to draw a line at sucking him off. I couldn't do it. I wouldn't do it. I wanted to turn away, to stop, but I found myself still transfixed. Still stroking his cock.

Steve's finger reached down and rested on my lips. His finger pushing against my lips, pushing until his finger entered my mouth. In a matter of seconds, I found myself sucking on his finger. His finger exploring my mouth. "You have such a pretty mouth Bobby. I want you to kiss my cock. Let me feel your pretty lips on my dick," he coaxed.

I felt his hand pressuring behind my neck, pulling my head closer and closer until my lips touched his cock, warm on my lips. My mouth now touching his dick. It seemed so surreal. This wasn't me. It was someone else as I felt my lips slide across the head, planting kisses on the crown, on the side of his hard cock.

Then without any further encouragement I let his dick slide into my mouth, through my parted lips. I was sucking a cock. I never imagined I would ever do what I was doing but here I was. Sucking a cock of a man I had just met the day before. Then he instructed me how to please him. What he liked as I began to lose my inhibitions.

I did exactly as he said as I sucked madly on his cock, rubbing his balls, taking them in my mouth on his request. When Steve removed his dick from my mouth, I sought it out trying to pull it back. I loved his taste. I liked the feeling of his cock swelling in my mouth.

I could tell from his moans that he was enjoying what I was doing as my head moved up and down on his hard shaft. I couldn't take the whole cock in my mouth but I jacked his cock with my hand trying to stuff as much in my mouth as possible. I bathed the head with my tongue knowing I was doing a great job as Steve guided my head between his hands.

It was then I felt his balls tighten and I knew from his knees starting to buckle he was close to cumming. I tried to lift off of his dick but Steve held me in place, holding my head firmly over his cock, buried in my mouth as he began shooting his load.

"Damn that was good boy. You're a natural. A natural little cock sucker," Steve smiled as he gathered his breath, then slinking down to his knees, unwrapped the towel that covered my dick. Steve gazed on my already hard cock. It wasn't nearly as big as his. He placed his hand around my dick. It was the first time any man had ever touched my cock.

His hand was much bigger, rougher than my wife's little hand. Steve bent down and took my cock into his warm mouth. I collapsed back on my elbows as I watched Steve go down on me, taking my whole cock into his mouth. His lips actually touching my stomach. I couldn't believe Steve could take it all, but there he was giving me the best blow job I could ever remember getting. Laurie was good but somehow I think Steve was better.

I wasn't sure whether it's because he knew what he liked and that's what he did or whether it was the taboo nature of it. Steve knew exactly what he was doing. He bathed my cock and balls with his tongue. I'm not sure I had ever experienced the blowjob he was giving me. It was absolutely great!

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