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Vitali Isaev
Vitali Isaev

Swank †December 2012

Philip (b Kentucky) and Angelina (b. England) were the parents of John Fowler Leonard (b. 1843 d. 1924 in Parsons Kansas and served in the Civil War. (I have all of the letters he wrote from the fields and battles he was in during the Civil War which give you the true images and feelings of the Union army during that time, most were to his parents Philip and Angleina and his brother Perry who ded March 22, 1863 at the age of 10years, 9 months and 8 days (I understood that he too, was hit by lightening) and sister Georgiana) He married Jeannette (Bonebrake McCollough) and they moved from Vermillion County (Danville) to LoneOke Arkansas then to Parsons, Kansas were they bought land in Southest Kansas. Unto this marriage they had 3 children and 1 adopted. Pearl (b.1868 d. 1943, Rosa b. 1870 d. of brain tumor in 1880 and Claude born in 1875 and died in 1954. Claude is the only one who had children (Claude Jr killed in WWII at the age of 18, John Fowler Leonard b. 1928 still living as of 2012, Fred still liviing as of 2012 and Jeannette still livng as of 2012. Of these children only John hasw a son to carry on the Leonard name. His children were Debra (me) born Nov.19 1951 and Christopher born in 1955 and died Oct4 2002 at the age of 47 and he only had two daughters. I understand that Sam Leonard was the only other son of Phiiip and Angelina who lived long enough to marry and have children before he died about the age of 30. I hope he had sons to carry on this Leonard of the famly line. I have a copy of the Leonard history and the obits of Sam and Angelina. I visited the Leonard cemetery in 2002 and it was in good shape although I did have to drive through a cut down corn field to get to it. Also, in Danville at the geneological society building they have a good book on the Leonards and also have Valentine's copy of land grant. (I understood that it was purchased from the Indians in 1811 when he moved from Kentucky to Illinois with his wife and children after his parents were killed by Indians in Kentucky and the children were captured of which after 7 years they were returned except one daughter stayed with they because she married a brave. I am interesed of knowing of the 15 children Philip and Angelina had the birthdates and death dates of the children. I think she lost 3 at very young ages. She had children about every 18 months) I have their names and a few of who they married but limited information. I am the only one on this line who is keeping the family history and I have them back to Germany and Bavaria. Any more information would be greatly appreciated!

Swank – December 2012

Let me thank you for your work - it is significant. I began family genealogy work a couple years ago. I was raised about 2 miles south of McKendree and our family attended the McKendree Methodist church until early 50s. I have received McKendree Records for the new part of the cemetry form Garnet Miller the conservator for the cemetries in that area. The older records were destroyed. If you wish these records email me and I will send them. My GGGGrandfather Joseph Cowell, GGGGrandfather Joseph Smith, GGGrandfather Abraham B. Smith and GGrandfather David A. Smith are buried there. I am trying to find GGGGrandmother Catherine Ogden Cowell burial site. Records say she is buried in Paris Cemetry, but that would be in Edgar County. Most like she is in Parrish Cemetry in Grape Creek where family lived, but your webpage is malfuncting for the cemetry. She may also be buried in the Old Paris Family cemetry that is now a part of a more modern cemetry between Ogden and Royal, since she was an Ogden. Her husband Joseph is buried with two of his daughters Ammada (Misspelled on stone as Emanda) Cowell Cloe. Joseph is buried under Civel War stone Company F 4th Illinois Cavalry next to old maid daughter Mary Cowell the last grave in the Cloe family string. Daugher Rachel Cowell Rice Sprouls Boner is buried near by under her third husbands name Rachel Boner. Any info you provide on Catherine's burial would be most helpful. The mystry I am trying solve is her name. Joseph is married to Sarah Cowell in Greene Co, PA in late 1820's according to early 1830 land records. There are no record so her after that only of Catherine in 1850 census and beyond. There son Isaac Civil War vet's death certificate says mother's last name is Ogden. Rachel's 2nd marriage record also says Sarah Cowell of Georgetown is her mother. I believe we have only one women with two names? I also need to find Louisa Cowell Brown and husband Hiram's graves in Indianola Cemetry to help confirm she is fourth daughter to family. Any help you can provide would be helpful. I will return to Illinois in May-June 2012 time frame for HS reuions.Thanks Myron Cowell LtCol USAF Ret. 041b061a72


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