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Buy Collar Stays

A collar stay, collar stick, collar bone (British English), collar tab (British English), collar stiffener, or collar stiff is a shirt accessory consisting of a smooth strip of rigid material, rounded at one end and pointed at the other, inserted into specially made pockets on the underside of a shirt collar to stabilize the collar's points. The stays ensure that the collar lies flat against the collarbone, looking crisp and remaining in the correct place.[1]

buy collar stays

Collar stays can be made from a variety of materials, including metal (such as brass, stainless steel, or sterling silver), horn, baleen, mother of pearl, or plastic. Shirts often come with plastic stays that may eventually need to be replaced if they bend; metal replacements do not have this problem.[2]

Collar stays can be found in haberdashers, fabric- and sewing-supply stores and men's clothing stores. They are manufactured in multiple lengths to fit different collar designs, or may be designed with a means to adjust the length of the collar stay.[3]

There are many variations to the traditional collar stay. Some metallic collar stays are sold with a magnet, which is used to hold the stiffened collar in place against the shirt.[4] A different type of collar stay discreetly adds a button hook on one end, to help fasten tiny buttons on dress shirts; e.g. placket, cuffs or button down collars.[5] Adhesive collar stays can be stuck to the underside of a collar to either add stiffness or attach the collar points to the shirt.[1]

Collar stays are removed from shirts before dry cleaning or pressing, as the cleaning process can damage both the shirt and the stays; they are replaced prior to wearing.[citation needed] Shirts that are press ironed with the collar stays are vulnerable to damage, as this results in a telltale impression of the collar stay in the fabric of the collar.[2] Some shirts have stays which are sewn into the collar and are not removable.

Stiff collar points have always been representative of sophistication, and so collar stays are an ideal addition to your accessories wardrobe, to ensure that the finer details are always taken care of.

The introduction of the collar stay is largely correlated with the history of dress shirts. Like any fashion accessory, collar stays have evolved over the years, from wood versions dated back to the early 19th century! Initially, shirt stays were made from mother of pearl, brass, ivory and whalebone, before transitioning towards plastic and other metals. The history of shirt stays is derived from the evolution of shirt collars, which necessitated an accessory that would keep them looking neat.

During the medieval period, shirts were worn as an undergarment, featuring a ruffle at the neck of the shirt, which was effectively created by a drawstring. This was the birth of exposed shirts as we know them today. These shirts were often worn with detachable collars, that would allow them to be worn for multiple days without having to be washed, with interchangeable collars being used in the interim period. However, ultimately, neat, turned down collars replaced these detachable collars, and the need for shirt collar stays came about!

Flip up the collar of one of your higher quality dress shirts, and you will find a slot at the end of the collar, and you will find a slot sewn in specifically for insertion of collar stays. Depending on the type of collar, the collar stay slot will generally be around 2.5 to 2.75 inches, or under 2 inches for narrower collars (tapered shirts that are typically worn for casual wear). However, from our research, the most popular collar stay sizes are in the 2.5 inch to 2.75 inch range.

Collar Stays are either removable or sewn in. Sewn in collar stays are almost always made from thin plastic as manufacturers attempt to trade off providing the collars with rigidity, without having the collar stay damaged in the wash.

Additionally, open collar stay pockets within dress shirts that are off the rack are also fairly rare. Manufacturers who are looking to keep their costs down will most likely skimp on this additional feature. It is therefore imperative that the next time you go dress shirt shopping, be it off the rack or at a bespoke tailor, that you look for or request that your shirts come with open collar stay pockets!

There are a wide variety of collar stays in the market. Choosing the correct collar stay type should not prove to be problematic. Collar stays differ essentially on size, type of point (rounded or pointed) and material.

Regarding size, just as collar sizes vary, so do collar stays. Our research shows that collar stays in the 2.5 inches to 2.75 inches range should generally suffice, but it is best to get a measurement of your various dress shirt collars (both casual and work), and opt for an assortment of collar stay sizes just to be safe!

Plastic is the most common material used to make collar stays. Affordable and easily produced in volume, plastic collar stays are a modern manufacturers defacto choice. Plastic collar stays do the bare minimum, but due to their flimsy material, often result in the dress shirt collar not laying / falling properly, which, is counterintuitive!

Stainless Steel is the most popular metal for collar stays! Of heavier weight and rigidity than plastic stays, these collar stays do their intended job! With a stainless steel collar stay, you can be rest assured that your dress shirt collar will look crisp and lay perfectly. Some manufacturers of stainless steel collar stays even offer free engraving.

Gold Collar Stays are your most expensive option on this list, and with reason. Gold collar stays are extremely expensive (starting at $600 a pair!), and are to be taken care of with the utmost respect. These make for a great gift to be passed down from generation to generation.

Just like any other accessory, collar stays should be taken care of. Ensure that your collar stays are removed before washing your dress shirt or sending it to the dry cleaners! A collar stay kept within the shirt collar can tear the fabric or even damage the washing machine!

My collars suck without Wurkin Stiffs Magnetic Collar Stays. Without this product, I am absolutely messy looking and I appear as though nobody that helped dress me really loves me. The Hook-N-Stays make the rest of my life complete. No more buttons not buttoning up. Hook the button, guide the collar stay tip in the button hole, push the button through that stubborn button hole. Satisfying beyond measure. Thank you Wurkin Stiffs for changing my shirt life!

I love these magnetic collar stays! I had never used them and a friend recommended them. I tried them and am very happy I did. They greatly enhance the look of my shirts (and my self-assurance) in various situations including with a tie, under a sweater, and just a shirt. Thank you!

Our original Magnetic Power Stays are made from German Surgical Steel and they are hand-polished for smooth edges with a mirror finish. The best crafted collar stay on the market. You will not find better quality!

A small but mighty solution that adheres under any collar which do not have collar stay pockets. Our adhesive lasts through well-over 30 wash-and-dry cycles without coming off your collar. Made fron the same surgical steel as it's counterpart, these stays also do not rust.

The Only Plastic Magnetic Collar Stays. Our plastic is not flimsy like the collar stays that come inside your newly purchased shirt. These are made with a flex-back plastic, so your collar stays straight and buttoned-down at the tip.

Indeed, a collar is arguably the most important part of an entire shirt. It frames your face and provides an important fulcrum on which the shirt/tie/jacket combination sits. Therefore, the entire presentation hinges on two invisible strips of material that live inside your collar: collar stays.

As a bonus, we also have to mention Twillory, an excellent shirt brand that specialises in performance fabrics for the professional man. Unlike its peers, it includes metal collar stays with all its shirts at standard. As a result, they offer excellent value for money!

Metal collar stays, as opposed to plastic, are significantly heavier and rigid which will keep your collar flatter and straighter. Inexpensive metal collar stays are likely made from a cheaper grade metal such as tin or aluminum. Stainless steel is a higher grade metal and will cost a bit more. The ones shown above have the added benefit of adjustable sizing, so they can be worn with shorter and longer point collars.

These stays are essentially luxury metal stays. They are significantly heavier than metal stays but look much more elegant. Brass collar stays are also a great gifting option for the fashion conscious gentlemen.

A truly innovative product from Wurkin Stiffs were first introduced to us in 2005. As described, magnetic dress shirt collar stays consist of a magnetized (metal) collar stay along with a small circular magnet. The magnetized collar stay is inserted into the collar stay pocket and the magnet is placed underneath the upper chest portion of the shirt torso. The collar stay is thus magnetically affixed to the stay resulting in a super secure collar that will never fly away. Many cheaper knock-offs have emerged in the 10+ years that have passed. However, we still remain partial to Wurkin Stiffs as the quality of the magnets used within their stays is of the highest quality.

Forgetting a pair of dress shirt collar stays while on the road is a common problem that many men can attest to having encountered. A great DIY solution that is perfect should you be in a hotel is to make your own dress shirt collar stays from a hotel key card. The key card itself is made from thicker plastic that is significantly better and more rigid than those that come with an off the rack dress shirt. Honestly, we like these stays as much as a metal collar stay as the length / width can be cut precisely which will give the collar a precise and sharp appearance. 041b061a72


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