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Justin Corleone
Justin Corleone

Crocodile Clips vs Alligator Clips: How to Tell the Difference and Which One to Use

our concerns about the color data in scenario #2 are significantly lessened because in this particular case, the audience is often the customer. both companies can afford the pr fallout of a scenario that is not as black and white as a classic monopolistic situation. for example, have you ever heard about public companies being fined for a small amount of fine money?


the consequence of the companies agreeing to maintain this current structure is that most publications will be unchanged. this is not a perfect solution, but it does provide an incentive for the companies to hold fast. as long as all of the more important players in the industry are on board, and it seems that many of them are (if this article is any indicator), then i would say that this article is misleading and should be corrected. the impression that this article gives is that the color specifications are set in stone and that they will never be updated, which is definitely not the case. people can understand a slight change in the l*a*b* values, but they dont need to be updated on a constant basis, at least not for the native applications.

if the company were to implement a seamless update or update current subscribers to newer definitions or correct definitions, then i believe that this would be the perfect scenario. but it will take the industry pushing companies to implement this kind of solution and it will require a significant amount of pr fallout to make it happen.

however, i should point out that the current relationship that exists between the two companies, and the fact that neither company will admit that pantone has been fairly tight-lipped with regards to any kind of change to the l*a*b* values and has actually been rather silent about any communication or possibility of change. instead of getting excited about this possibility of some kind of change, i think we should be concerned and nervous about this rather controversial topic of who maintains what and when. for example, why hasnt pantone made an announcement that this is coming or what the future might hold?


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